Jingo Was Born In The Slum (True History of the Kelly Gang) is a collection of essays, photos, and poems made during Justin Kurzel’s filmic retelling of the Kelly myth. A limited edition photobook of the complete work was published by Jane & Jeremy (Brighton, UK) in 2021.

Any telling of the Kelly myth will always be the story of living ghosts.

It is a legend of land beyond land, and that corrupting fear of never quite belonging that eats uniquely at the colonialist’s heart. The Kelly story is never real, and it is never fiction. It lives in the hollow in-between world. It is both present and past, myth and truth. He is the representation of White Australia's rejection of the natural magic of this country, and our ignorant manifestation of an attempt to know it. He is a manifestation of our own desperation to come to terms with the curse we are saddled with, and the land we do not know.

These images are a document of Justin Kurzel's act of storytelling; another attempt at our own myth making on a land whose myths we continue to reject from our own soul.